Injury Prevention Isn’t About Luck

Atayne 360 Newsletter – March 2013

Being a fit or successful athlete is not a result of luck. Luck can sometimes help, but to consistently succeed you need to do the right workouts, eat well, and take care of your body. Massage done on a regular basis can help you towards that goal. Done either by a licensed massage therapist (LMT) or yourself, massage can do a lot to increase your chances of staying healthy and active. Read more


Massage en route to Peak Performance

Atayne 360 Newsletter – August 2012

Athletes looking to perform their best are asking a lot of their bodies. Hard training sessions require you to go beyond your comfort zone, often stressing muscles. Too much stress on the muscles can cause tightness and adhesions. Not addressing these issues can eventually lead to injury or reduced performance. Massage can be an essential tool to help keep you healthy throughout the training process. Licensed massage therapist Julia Kirtland shares some of the main benefits of massage as well as some simple massage techniques you can do on your own.  Read more


Let’s Go to the Tape

Running Times – May 2012

You’ve probably seen colored tape showing up on the legs of runners in the last few years, including Meb Keflezighi, masters ace Tracy Lokken and other elites. Blue, pink or black, it looks pretty cool. But what’s it supposed to do? Julia discuses Kinesio Taping, how/if it works, and demonstrates several tapings for specific injuries. Read more


Self-Massage the Runner’s Way

Running Times – January 2012

If you do it right, self-massage can serve as a form of maintenance between massages given by a trained therapist. Self-massage can “take care of the tightness that comes up with day-to-day training,” says Julia Kirtland, the 1997 national marathon champion who’s now a massage therapist in Portland, Maine. It can “break up adhesions before they cause problems.” Read more


Kirtland Moves on to New Challenges

Portland Press Herald – March 18, 2010

Julia Kirtland will not be running in the 11th TD Banknorth Beach to Beacon 10K race. Her days of competitive road racing are done. Read more